Many opprotunities to serve God and the community exist at St. John's.  They are categorized into several groups: Outreach, Pastoral Care, Education, Social,Evangelism, Liturgical, Financial and Property.  A great portion of our Congregation is involved in one or more ministries, and we encourage everyone to become involved in some aspect of lay ministry.  To find out more about each of these areas, pull down the Ministries heading above and click on the area of interest.
  1. Outreach Ministries
  2. Pastoral Care Ministries
  3. Education Ministries
  4. Social Ministries
  5. Evangelism Ministries
  6. Liturgical Ministries
  7. Financial Ministries
  8. Property Ministries

August 23, 2017

Worship With Us!



Holy Eucharist


10:30 AM 

Our Services include music, with the organist, choir, and congregation contributing a "joyful sound!"

The Episcopal service uses a liturgy, or standard order of worship found in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). These liturgies are used by Episcopalians world-wide, fostering a sense of community and continuity across distance and time.

We Celebrate Holy Communion at every service. Every baptized Christian is welcome and encouraged to come to the altar rail to receive the bread and/or wine of Communion or receive a blessing. 


Learn With Us!

Adult Bible Study resumes

April 26 - June 28

Max Lucado's Book of James: Practical Wisdom from his “Life Lessons” series. 

Youth Sunday School

10:15 am  September through May 

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